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      Our baby bonnets are crafted to not only provide an elegant look to your newborn but also protect their heads during chilly days. We understand that newborns and young babies have delicate skin that is extra sensitive to changes in temperature. Their skin is more susceptible to irritation and rashes as compared to elders. That’s the reason, we... Read More


      Whimzy baby bonnets are offered in two sizes - one size is for 0-3 months old babies and the other option is for babies older than 3 months.

      Our newborn bonnets are recommended for hand-wash only. The reason behind this is that machine washing can harm the fibers of alpaca wool.

      Whimzy Baby aims to deliver only products that are built using ethical and sustainable practices. Thus, our baby bonnets are made from sustainable Alpaca wool. Our other offerings like scratch mittens or baby bloomers are also made from bamboo cotton, which is also an environmentally friendly option.

      Our infant bonnets are offered in two sizes according to the baby’s age. You can make an order if your infant’s age falls between 0-3 months or 3 months plus.

      Yes, the Whimzy Baby bonnets are hand-knitted for enhanced comfort and attention to detail.

      Whmizy Baby bonnets are recommended to use in the winter season. Made from 100% Alpaca wool, these bonnets are aimed to keep your baby’s head warm and cozy in cold weather.

      Yes, our newborn bonnets come with an adjustable strap closure at the chin, which allows for a custom fit and ensures that the bonnet stays in place. We also offer two different sizes, 0-3M and 3M+.

      Available in different sizes and shades, our bonnets are perfect for any occasion, whether it's a special family event or a day out.

      To properly care for your Whimzy baby bonnets, hand wash them and lay them flat to dry. Avoid using bleach or fabric softener. If necessary, iron on low heat. Store in a cool, dry place.

      While Whimzy baby bonnets are generally safe for newborns to wear during the day, it is not recommended to keep them on while sleeping. This is because your baby may feel uncomfortable due to overheating.

      You should always keep the bonnets in a cool and dry place. Also, fold them neatly and place them in a breathable cloth bag or a plastic container with some silica gel packets to absorb any moisture.