Baby Belly bands helping bring smiles to babies faces. Belly wraps around baby's stomach.
Soft Organic Cotton and Bamboo Belly Bands to wrap around Baby's Belly. Soft Organic Cotton and Bamboo Belly Bands to wrap around Baby's Belly.

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Made From Bamboo
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Handmade in Canada

A Luxury Belly Band Designed to help relieve symptoms of gas and colic by mimicking the benefits of tummy time, providing pressure on the abdomen which moves gas down and out.

Made from the softest sustainably sourced Bamboo Cotton, with an Organic Cotton lining that regulates your little one’s body temperature.

Belly bands have been around for centuries and have been used all around the globe to help alleviate gas, support a newborn's fragile spine, aid with symptoms of colic and provide comfort and support to a new baby.

How To

Commonly asked questions

A baby belly band is used to help ease tummy aches that infants in their first year of life will often experience. It is made to mimic the benefits of tummy time by putting pressure on your baby’s abdomen using the adjustable velcro on the band, as well as warmth from the organic cotton lining. Newborns begin to grow new bacteria colonies in their stomachs as soon as they are born, this can be extremely uncomfortable, a belly band can help relieve them of some of that discomfort. Belly bands are intended for babies who are gassy, fussy, colicky, or just need a little bit of extra comfort and support throughout the day. Which would be every baby in our opinion. 

It is important to note that this is not a medical product but a functional product you will use throughout your baby's first year of life and possibly onward. 

There isn’t really a cure for colic but our belly bands can help with symptoms of colic. Since colic is when babies cry for long periods of time, they often take in a lot of air which causes it to build up in their stomachs, increasing their discomfort. Some people also suggest symptoms of colic include gas in the stomach. The pressure and warmth from our belly bands can help ease the discomfort of those symptoms.

There’s no way that our belly bands will hurt your baby if you are using it correctly. Leaving the arms out, making sure the velcro is fastened correctly and leaving 1-2 fingers of space between belly and band so that it is snug but not too tight.

You would lay your baby on top of the belly band and then adjust the velcro so that it is snug on the belly but not too tight. Make sure that there is one to two fingers of space between belly and band. 

For the belly band bloomers you would first put the bloomers on and then lay the belly band flat underneath your baby's back, from there you would adjust the band so the velcro is secure, once again making sure the band is snug but not too tight. 

Yes, just make sure the velcro is secure and there is one to two fingers of space between band and belly so it is snug but not too tight. The belly band should be worn under pyjamas during bed time.

The belly band can be worn all day or however long you as the parent sees fit. 

The idea is to use our belly bands to help mimic the benefits of tummy time to use pressure and warmth when a baby is experiencing an upset stomach. The pressure when the baby is on their stomachs helps move gas down and out. Warmth has been found to help relax the muscles in the intestinal tract and reduce pain. Pressure is a common treatment method to help with pain in general. Belly bands have been around since the 18th century and are a tried and true practice used today around the world. 

The main difference between the two is that the belly band bloomer helps keep the belly band in place. We've designed the bloomer to have snaps at the bottom so that you can change the baby's diaper without having to remove the belly band. Additionally, the bloomers are a great way to help keep blowouts from getting too messy. 

The classic belly band has historically been the original design for baby belly bands and is a great layer to place under clothing. To help keep the classic belly band in place we recommend placing it on top of an undershirt to keep it from sliding up or down. 

We use bamboo and organic cotton materials for our belly bands which are both thermal regulating fabrics that will keep your baby from overheating.

As a company whose intention it is to provide your little ones with comfort, it is important that our products are safe. We sent out our products to get tested by a consumer product safety commission approved lab and passed all tests. This means our products are free of lead, harmful chemicals, mechanical hazards, and dangerous parts.