Introducing Canadas First Ever Baby Belly Band

You'll get to spend more time bonding with your little one instead of trying to figure out how to get yor baby to stop crying once you use one of our baby belly bands. We want to help you navigate life through the 4th trimester by offering you all the tools you need to get through it.

This must have baby item is something you'll want to pack in your hospital bag, because trust us when we say, your baby will be relieved to have that comfort on their little tummies as soon as they're outside the womb.

Baby belly bands, or belly wraps, are a tried and true practice that have been around for centuries, and still used today in many parts of the world.

Our vision is to ease the path for new parents and their little ones starting this chapter in their lives by reducing discomfort and providing support for both parents and baby. 

We Want To Do What We Can To Create Products With Your Baby and Our Planet In Mind. We Are An Eco Conscious Company that Place Value On Transparency.

Our mission is to offer quality products that are built on the foundations of ethical and sustainable practices. A baby belly band that you’ll want with you always. We promise that your baby will thank you for it. 

What makes Whimzy baby belly bands special

1. Made with parents in mind

Our bands are easy to put on and take off without the hassle of trying to figure out buttons or zippers. We’re here to give parents the tools they need to ease the way into this new chapter of their lives. 

2. Helps to ease your babies tummy aches

From the first day you meet your little one, whether it’s colic, gas, or just a tummy ache, give your baby the comfort they need. 

3. Handmade in Canada

We follow strict ethical guidelines and principles when creating our belly bands. Our baby belly bands are made with quality and care, because your little one deserves the best. 

4. Oeko-tex Standard

Give your baby the softest bamboo cotton belly band on the market today made using sustainable and ethical practices, free of harmful chemicals and toxins. 

How Whimzy Baby was Born

My name is Alia and I am the founder and CEO of Whimzybaby, as a mom of two I know how important it is to provide your little ones with the comfort and care they deserve. I have long been a fan of belly bands. They’ve been used for generations in my family, and I believe they are an essential in any diaper bag. After having my first baby I would often get asked by nurses, doctors and midwives as to what it was that I was wrapping around my daughter’s stomach, it came as a surprise to me that they hadn’t seen one before and I quickly realized how rare it is in North America to find these bands. I wanted to bring this life changing product to you in a way that was ethical, sustainable, and easily accessible.

While preparing for my delivery I searched for a quality belly band that was ethically made and used quality fabrics that were soft on my newborns skin. It was difficult and time consuming to find the belly band I wanted, so I decided to make my own and bring it to you in the best way possible.